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As you will probably know the number 8 is popular enough by itself whether you are religious, superstitious or none of those in between. Then it’s only natural that 88 holds a bit more impact since many double numbers similar to this, mirror themselves quite nicely. You can go even further to introduce the ever-popular 888 sequence, which sounds pretty exciting whether you say it as ‘eight, eight, eight' or ‘triple eight' -it’s something that naturally has a major impact on all who see and hear that particular set of numbers. 

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Therefore in the case of the mathematics behind these numbers are only obvious to review first. Now as a practical number (i.e. a positive integer), it is also known as a strobogrammatic number which means that it can be read the same when turned upside down. The number 88 has a larger meaning, which takes on both the symbolism of luck or unexpected luck in the immediate future. From a mentalist point of view it seems that 88 is the epitome of positive thinking with the idea that if you think something can happen, the result will actually become reality!

Is 88 really such a secret number?

lucky dragon slot games from the chinese cultureThe number 88 is very symbolic for many cultures found all over the world. In fact, some of these are based on some extensive research by those who practice numerology. In Christian numerology, it is often mentioned that 88 is an Angel number however 888 is typically better known as the number associated with ‘Jesus’ or ‘Christ the Redeemer’. Most numerology breaks down 88 into a simple form with ‘8 + 8 = 16’- which further turns into ‘1 + 6 = 7’, leaving the number 7 as a vibration influence. If this appears a bit too deep in meaning, numerology sometimes is very simple aside from that.

The Chinese take a much less complicated approach citing that 88 is simply double lucky as a number! Now if you want something really complicated, the triple number: 888 added together sequentially is 24 -which if again repeating this process (2 + 4), brings it to a total of 6 - and of course happens to the number of Venus, the Goddess of Love. The number 888 is also known to be the direct opposite of the number 666, which is more commonly known as the number of the Devil or The Beast. Now if you don’t think this makes no sense- check out the numbers when added. The number 666 thus becomes a total of 18 and then turns into 9. Once again, numerology for 9 represents the planet Mars which further represents destruction and War. The number 9 is also known as the symbol of redemption.

Are there further secrets to this number?

When counting the value of letters in the Greek translation of the name Jesus, this is done through ‘Gematria’ which is a Greek system of assigning a numerical value to their alphabet. In Chinese Numerology and the number 8 are often related with wealth and fortune, so it seems the number 888 represents triple fortune and is often very popular. When it comes to languages- especially Mandarin Chinese, the pronunciation of the number 8 is very similar to the word describing ‘to make a fortune' this is the singular reason many consider 888 as an incredibly lucky number.

88 fortunes lucky slot game online real moneyThere are many instances where this number has actually charged insane amounts to those people who wanted to buy a phone number that including this numeral configuration, or a house with an address that has 88 or 888 listed. The number 8 oddly has similarities to the Greek symbol representing infinity. Since infinity represents time without end, this may also translate to luck that is never ending.

Does spiritualism really connect to 88?

In the spiritual community, numbers are pretty high on the list. Bibles are often filled with numbers which all translate to meaning behind the quote or verse that is identified. It is widely accepted that 88 is the number that often speaks of Jesus Christ. While it speaks of the good that Jesus brings, it also represents of the wraith that Jesus brings to non-believers. Then there is 888, known as an angel number.

Angel numbers are numbers which a person repetitively keeps seeing or impact (at some or the other point in time), a person's life. Many believe that heavenly angels will intervene in our lives, shown through numbers stemming from 888. According to those believers, the number means greater balance in all areas of their life- such as work, family, and relationships. It also represents a progressive lifestyles and is counted as a positive number said to give positivity to that person and their idealisms.

What about the Occult connected to 88?

great 88 slot game online for real money playJust as spirituality has deep roots connected to 88 and 888, it only goes hand in hand that these numbers take on a darker side for the occult. The number has been linked to Aryan brotherhood and Nazi movement as a code used for the Nazi salute. The 88 comes from two ‘H’ letters forming the infamous “Heil Hitler” using the same numerical value created by the ancient Greeks. Among other things, numbers such as 88 and 888 are direct links to Freemasons which often incorporate these numbers into their rituals, as most people are beginning to understand that Freemasonry is simply Satanic worship.

Some other meanings to this mysterious number

He number 888 also represents a natural flow of wealth and love and the abundance universal energy. When you use the 888 number combinations in your life, it helps you to be more balanced and makes you less afraid of whatever dreams and ambitions you have in your life. The energy that the number provides is certainly extraordinary and helps you to succeed in whatever you have planned for. Some numerologists believe that the whenever the number 888 comes into your life it means that you are at the end of something or some phase of your life. The occurrence of the number 888 in your life is a warning of sorts for you to prepare for a change for something better and something that has been planned for you. It might be a relationship that was not working out as good as it should have been or maybe a business venture that is not successful.

Why do people love lucky number slot games?

888 gold online lucky slot game for free demo playIf there’s one thing that really stands-out about slot games or slot machines is that they are usually linked to lucky numbers. You’ll often find that #7 is a popular stand by when traditional 3-reel slot games are concerned, and even go back to the original slot machines developed in the last century at least by the early 1950’s. As the western ideals often value the number seven as being a lucky number for selective reasons, the number 8 in recent decades has become more popular. This is more obvious due to the Asian belief which holds this number in high regard to also being lucky. You’ll see variations of 8-themed slot games including: Lucky 88 slot, Great 88, 888 Gold and many other variations in between. While many of these game offer a specific Asian look, it’s no wonder why the alternative Lucky 7 slots usually look the way they do with Red, White, and Blue American flags...