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We love slot games!

Like many other goodies from the internet, the best things found there are for free! This is exactly why came together. We’re a group of friends who all share the same passion for playing online slot games, especially the ones that are the best of the best. Now- it’s no secret that online slot game developers allow their games to be freely available on websites dedicated to fun play games, and what was originally game sharing between friends became a whole new idea to share these games with others. We decided to share a rather large collection of slot game titles on a single website to make it easier to find all those games so much easier. Later the concept of making upgrades in this site helped it develop into more than we ever expected.

It took a while -but when we all got together and thought about how it should work, it actually started to make sense. While all the games you play here are free, we got lucky contacting very respected online casinos to add as links if people actually wanted to play for real. We also decided to share the facts about online gaming and how easy it works. Unlike the kinds of problems that were common more than 15 years ago, online purchases are a lot safer today. You can learn so much about how this works even if you never pay real money to play these fantastic and free slot games.

Our team is exactly the sort of weekend warriors who put everything together in bits and pieces. In the old days, we learned tons about what should be added and what should be left-out. In fact what you see on the site now is the best of everything you might imagine, and we’re still not done. Curious about our team, here’s a bit of an inside look at what inspires us.

Jay Ingam: Slot Game Enthusiast, Web Developer

Way back when the internet was still crawling like a little baby, it was so much harder to find decent slot games. They had to be downloaded and played on a personal computer only. Now they can be played on any smartphone with no download needed! With my buddy Kevin, I could get the kind of writing and articles done that made sense to the everyday internet surfer. Now we’ve grown into a neat little team of four that continues to enjoy free slot games.

Ronald Marlowe: Slot Game Guru, CPA

I’ve always loved going to Las Vegas for that classic feeling you can only get there. Many of the games I help select here have exactly the kind of feel you might get from Treasure Island Casino up through the Bellagio. Everyone I know who enjoys free slot games, always tell me how great this site really is and how it gives more of a real casino feeling every time they visit.

Kevin Grant: Content Writer, eBook Editor

Without the guidance from Jay and Ron, I could never have put together the kinds of articles needed that have become so helpful to others who are curious about online gaming. As a writer, I like to use my imagination, however these articles are so packed with technical info. It took that creativity to help make them work without being boring. I also had a lot of help from Judy, who is a long-time family friend.

Judy Todd: Classic Slots Lover, Contributing writer, Real Estate Manager

Those people who like spending time on the net these days will always talk about the great games you can find. Years earlier it wasn’t easy to find games you could play instantly. Well, especially on social sites including Facebook, there are no shortage of free games, but not the old fashioned slot games I could find. Being a huge fan of those old electronic blackjack machines, I enjoy the online versions- especially the free ones! When Ronald and Jay asked me to help out, I couldn’t resist to put in my two cents! I’m never going to be a Best-Selling book writer, but I do know much about slot machines.

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