Based off the popular TV show Big Bang theory slot is a hit

big bang theory slot game for land based casinosDo you want to get an authentic casino experience with that hilarious Big Bang Theory Family? Well you can if you happen to take a trip to some of the more popular land based casinos! This is a fun, exciting slot machine produced by Aristocrat which is based on the hit show. The designers and engineers ensure that the fun you get is maintained throughout the sub-atoms of this game. Featuring a theme from the mega-popular television show Big Bang Theory, it has all the best elements from the show that immediately stand-out while giving you the chance to win some money too.

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This casino slot game transports you into a world of fun and hot casino spinning reel adventures. The game has three paylines presented to you through a trio of wonderful spinning mechanical wheels. They spin independently to keep you playing all the way to the bonus stage. The wheels are developed with Helix ergonomics, so you know already there’s more than science happening while you play. Sadly though, the game is currently only available as a physical machine in brick and mortar casinos only.

How to configure and play the Big bang Theory slot

big bang theory slot by developer aristocratThis is one of the easiest video slot games to set up and begin playing. It’s housed in a wonderfully designed wheel cabinet. This one was developed by Aristocrat, one of the leading slot developers in the world. The cabinet is ten and a half feet tall, an impressive sight in itself. It also features LCD screens and three large spinning wheels that are mechanical in nature above these screens. To play the game, an iChair is also added as part of the player experience. Thus, to set up this game, all you need to do is combine is the wheels, LCD screens and the iChair. These elements result in an immersive playing experience that dazzles the senses into total submission. This slot game has a credit minimum of 50 cents. Moreover, it has a maximum credit limit of 600 bucks per spin! To play it, there is an option to activate the multi-reels which allow you to play four reels at a time.

Symbols selected just for the fans

This game has reels which contain images of characters from the show. These images act as the symbols in the game. In addition to that, the LCD screens show you some animations and video footage from the show. Actually- they collected over 110 clips from the first three seasons of the show itself. This slot game structures a total of 10 mystery bonuses. These can be executed at any time as you play the base game. And like as usual, these bonuses can award amounts of any size. When you land three or more scatter symbols, you are awarded one out of six bonus of those select features. Based on the main characters from the show, you’re guaranteed that you’ll be more than sufficiently entertained.

It’s all about the jackpot!

This game has a major jackpot, and is one that connects a multi-site progressive jackpot pool to top it off. To qualify for it, you’ll have to play for a minimum of 200 credits and land a Jackpot symbol on all the 4 games while they are actively in play. Now this jackpot is worth a total of $250,000 bucks. This makes it one of the most rewarding games that you can play in any casino today for the optimal jackpot earnings that are possible.

Which bonuses or awards are available for you?

Since this game has a total of six bonus features, the chance for variety is quite high. These features are all based on the main characters from the show. The first of these is the Leonard Hofstadter Collision bonus. It offers you mega symbol spins. You can choose the volatility level as you play the round. The Dr. Sheldon Cooper Roommate Agreement bonus is another one in this game. It gives you a total of 8 free spins. They are known as the Reel Power spins and wins are achieved by scoring specific symbols at any spot on the reels. Another bonus feature is the Penny Friendship Paradigm.

play your favorite character for big bang theory land based slotThis one awards you a total of 5 spins on 4 reels at the same time. Every time Penny appears, you win more points. The Howard bonus is a round where you can pick cards to discover credits or multiplier factors. In addition to that, the Raj Koothrappali Scavenger Vortex bonus allows you to pick scavenger items so as to win prizes or credits. The most effective bonus is Progressive bonus. It is a final round of pick-em which allows you to pick some symbols. These ones help you to win credits or move to the Jackpot Prize.

Now you might be drooling to finally play Big Bang Theory for fun though social media or even free play slot sights. The best answer you’ll get for when it becomes available is anyone’s guess, though if you’re lucky enough to take a trip to Las Vegas, you can play Big Band Theory for real!