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We also have a Viking Fire Slot that allows you to play both the Wild Hammer and Wild Hammer icon on three different reels. And letís face it, there are no words! The Reel Fighters Slot Machine also features special effects and rewards players who achieve the highest winning score in the game.

The Viking Fire slot offers a lot of unique Free Spins

In celebration of the latest edition of the game we asked our players just like you to choose between an old favorite and some new. You can choose between the Iron Fire slot as well as two new Rune icons: The Iron Rune icon from the Viking Fire slot is the same as the Iron Rune from Viking's Rune Quest; the Viking Rune Icon has the same appearance as the Viking Rune from Rune Quest – no dice will go in the slot when placed there. Darts Heroes Slot is also a first-person shooter. The Viking Fire Rune is designed as a bonus symbol, and is just as powerful as the old Iron Rune but you'll need more dice because those are only useful in the Viking Fire slot where you are in danger and your reels are filled with Viking dice. The Viking Rune Slot does not require reels.

The Viking Fire reeling from Lightning Box provides a simple way to draw the game, turn the card over and give the free spins from a turn or two.

You can choose between two additional bonus icons from Viking's Wild Hammer slot, the Iron Rune Icon or the Viking Rune Icon as the bonus symbols of the Wild Hammer slot go from 100 to 300 instead of 100 to 100. And if Vikings' Wild Hammer Icon comes with no dice or Viking dice you can play it with only dice and dice reels. Lightning Bolt Slot Machine also offer a few other features that differentiate them for their lower priced. In addition, there are an even more striking new Viking symbol: The Viking Rune Icon. You think this is an Iron Rune?

Well, you are wrong! The Iron Rune Icon is the only part of the Viking Slot that does not feature Iron Dice. The Vikings Plunder card is available as a set at a special "Trophies Packs" special events and event starting on 22nd September. So with only dice you can have the same number of dice in the Viking slot as the Iron Rune and the Viking Rune Slot do not require reels because it actually benefits from the Iron Rune. The Iron Rune does feature a bonus icon on each side of the icon in your slot.

Viking Fire Slot

And for the only bonus icon slot you actually need dice to be placed to benefit from the bonus. If you are a Rune Knight, you should definitely have this slot for a Viking Fire Rune. Viking Story Slot Machine is very common place to start playtime on the field of play. Because the Viking Fire Slot is not only a bonus icon but also is the only Rune slot that only has Vikings Runes – only a few of which have Gold.

And then there is the unique bonus to the bonus icons on the backside of the slot. You must be able to place dice on your Viking Fire slots because these icons can double the value of every combo in the main game. The Vikings Unleashed Megaways has many exciting features that could be worth your time.

Viking Fire Slot

With two bonus icons this slot also has no cost to fill your reels in a Viking Game…and thus it is perfect as a starting slot for a Viking Gauntlet slot. The Viking Rune Slot is also designed so that you use the Rune tokens. So with Viking slots you can have two additional bonus icons on your Viking Reels, and all of these Rune bonuses add up to 100% extra value. Vikings Slot Machine takes us on a fun journey through the 7 deadly sins as we approach them. And the Viking Rune Slot provides just what you need to achieve Valhalla - the perfect starting slot for the Viking Gauntlet slot to play both Viking Fire and Viking Gauntlet icons, but only one of each of the two bonus Icon slots.

You do get the bonus icons from your Rune slots in Viking reels, which adds up to a Viking Game. So if you want you're Viking Gauntlet slots to benefit a great deal from both Rune bonuses, then Vikings' Wild Hammer, Old Iron and Viking Rune slots can be your starting spots for a Viking Game. However, Vikings Rune Bonus is the only Rune bonus that can never be used on an Iron Rune slot, and that can only be used during the bonus round.

The Viking Fire and Ice Slot, and all their associated tokens are available to buy as a stand alone game or as a bundle with a free online play.

We are very excited for Viking Fire to have this slot for us!

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