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The Special Ones

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The story of this band began with Portomaso´s debut album in 1995, when they formed the Special Ones of the world. This album was the perfect introduction to the band and a fun listen, but their early material was a big hit. Play Penny Slots Onlines may look exciting but if one goes through them often enough it is not worth it. The Special Ones were quickly becoming mainstream and Portomaso started their journey with their debut album and they released their second album in 2009, The Songs You Deserve. The first album to hit stores in Germany came out in May this year and by September, The Special Ones were gearing up for release. Portomaso was already the leader of the group to break into the top 10 in the global market and so The Special Ones were quickly making plans, creating a label and releasing a full album in the fall of 2009.

The Special Ones is available at Steam now with a full-HD screen

The music released in 2009 wasn´t what fans could have expected, however the songs that followed and the songs that followed led the way for the band themselves and by the end, Portomaso was enjoying a very successful career and they were already ready to leave the world to play a huge role in this year´s worldwide touring. A full follow up album which saw Portomaso finish their North American tour in July 2014, The Songs You Deserve has arrived on their official website and was written by Portomaso as a solo project by their own Ryan. The Cinco DE Mayo Slot can also be purchased in real life by visiting the Cinco de Mayo Slots website. A full follow up album was produced by The Special Ones withRyan, aka Guts, and Brian, aka Mike, aka Joe. With Ryan making their first appearance on the soundtrack, I decided to give the project a fair shot based on the artwork that they put up with during their tour.

The Music in The Special Ones and The Special One have never been the same in their current state. You won´t find any new music coming out of the band, but with a lot of new material coming out each year it feels like a new chapter in their career. Free Jackpot Games and Slots Games - Slots Games are free, fun and addictive to play with your mobile device or tablet. 3.

I think it can really be said and should not be underestimated that the last thing we have are the upcoming follow up albums. I´m sure if you missed out on these, you can still watch them for yourself to see the music that they produced at the 2013 Frankfurt festival of their own. As always, please stay tuned for our updates on this upcoming year of tour. The Sapphire Tiger Slot Machine requires a smartphone or tablet to play as you have to scroll up in order to see the reels. The Special Ones of the universe are always going to give YOU THE TRUTH.

The Special Ones

You can be as surprised by our new song list as you will be at our YouTube Channel to hear stories and experiences from the band, just to keep up to date with the latest news. If you have any comments to share with me, please contact me via the post below. Vegas Live Slots : Free Casino Slot Machine Games is a free casino game. For fans of this album and anyone who is interested to hear more about The Special Ones of the Universe, please check our Facebook page for more posts and subscribe to our Spotify Player.

If there was ever a time to enjoy The Special Ones of the Universe, chances are it was when I heard of a new track by Portomoso. It is one of several things that are making it up the air in the current times. The Buffalo Slot Game is very good and very addictive, if not quite as popular as the others. In their first album The Songs You Deserve I heard of the band making it a priority to add the vocals to the song, which came along with the release of their third album The Songs You Deserve.

From me, the vocals have to be something you could expect from Portomoso. And I think you should hear it with no doubts either and trust that this song will remain on their own records for a long while, especially on the road. The Fast Fortune Slots are currently in action, please wait for the next event on May 8th, 2017!


The Special Ones is available through Indie Boards & Cards so you don’t have to miss a thing. With a $2 USD minimum investment you'll only have to pay for the first few spins without paying for anything else at retail, meaning one less thing to pay for every 12 spins. Once we've reviewed The Special Ones here at the Indie Boards & Cards blog, we look forward to your feedback when the game drops! The Special Ones will only be available for two days before they are gone when The Special Ones hits a store (it will come out on October 14).
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