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Slingo Showdown Slot Machine

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The game currently sits on PayStars, so it remains to be seen if the casino slot market would react to any of these new games, so we’re going to have that speculation in mind as we’ve got you ready for this new Slingo Showdown. The game is played with a real slot machine that can be found at any of the Slingo Showdown casinos. The Slingo Rainbow Riches Slot game is the combination of bingo and the roulette wheel. The machines are different each week and it's up to you if you want to go with the ones that look like a slot machine or whether you want to try one that looks somewhat like a slot machine in a more natural setting.

Slingo Showdown might be our faves on Slingo

There is also a 'special' event that happens every day where you get to test your luck against other players in either 3 or 4 person team games. If you want a closer look at this new Slingo Showdown we have a few videos that you can click play on below. Slingo Riches Demo has more than 40 online games to get your started in. The first video is a behind the scenes look at how the Slingo Showdown system works.

This second video is a look at how to play the Slingo Showdown game in our live game session. As always, we are here to be your source of free, fun casino games so please drop by and leave any feedback or questions you may have below! The Reel Xtreme Slot Machine R3 kit is packed with amazing tools that are a step above my expectations, but we have been waiting to see them. This Slingo Showdown game was actually an idea for the Slingo's own casino.

Slingo Showdown and its variants have been loved by several different people, some who have played it for thousands of turns, others at just a couple of hands.

We’re going to take you back in time when the Slingo's were just getting their first machine and it got really popular within their casino for this. There’s a lot to talk about when you're in this new Slingo arena, so keep reading, we’ll get into it. High Roller Casino is not the same as high roller with a high roller. Once you are ready for your first Slingo Showdown game, you'll probably want to play through the first three to get a feel for the game. Slingo Showdown is a new game developed by Casino Games LLC that promises to be a fun, fast-paced and action-packed casino gaming experience. What do you win when you win at Slingo Showdown?

Slingo Showdown Slot Machine

You can win: One, Three or Six Slingos and a $20 deposit bonus to your casino. At the beginning of each Slingo Showdown weekend you will get two Slingos that are up for grabs, you'll be randomly paired and you'll be able to get your first game after two days. There is a $20 deposit bonus with a deposit of $35 to go. Western Belles gamblers on your side. You can then choose between four Slingo Showdown games and the last game of your four will be your win.

You can select the games to suit your own taste and experience in a Slingo Showdown weekend. At the end of a Slingo Showdown weekend you will receive your deposit back and the full $20 bonus. If you have more than three games to choose from you can increase that to four. How is the payout?

Slingo Showdown offers many ways to play Slingo

If only one of your games wins you will be rewarded $10, if multiple games win you will be rewarded $20. The maximum is six slotsperson when you are playing Slingo Showdown. You will also earn $20 and the bonus if you play six games in six days! If you do well in Slingo Showdown and get three different players to join you then you will earn $20.

If you lose your first game but get a second player to join you can earn $20 as well! The Slingo Showdown bonus is different each week. It is only $20 if you play three games in a row and no more. If you only win one or two games in a row then your first deposit is returned immediately.

Then when you play a third game and lose a Slingo that week, your deposit is refunded.

Additional points:

  • We can see Slingo to be a fun game that people love and play on a regular basis. It's an alternative gambling experience that offers plenty of choice and no gambling restrictions. If you want to learn more about this game, stay tuned, since we’ll be bringing you an interview with the game's creator from now until the release of Slingo Showdown. What do you think?

    Let us know in the comment section below.

  • If you are into red-eye poker, Slingo Showdown is definitely your man for the game! There is no purchase necessary to register for a free Slingo Showdown account, however we are unable to offer a 100% refund of your purchase if you are not satisfied with your free game. Download one of the free apps and register.

We Bet you'll love it!
We Bet you'll love it!

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