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Shamanrock Lock slot rewards are based on the amount of free spins that you earn during the day while you are online and at the same time, the amount of spins that you lose by playing the Shamrock Lock slot while offline. Once you win more spins than you cannot lose, the additional spins that you will receive will start rolling. This also applies at night time while playing the Shamrock Lock slot. The Golden Shamrock is operated by a guy in a red T-shirt, and has his hands on the control buttons. These spins will continue to increase over time as you earn more and more spins.

To get more spins and to make a bit of extra cash out of these spins, the free Shamrock Lock slot also includes the daily bonus game. This daily bonus game will offer more chances for prizes in your hands. Shamrock 7ss are available at all casino chains and major US casinos.

To be able to use our game daily bonus game, you must register online prior to the start of the day on your smartphone or device. Registering will also get you bonus points during the day and on the night at the Shamrock Lock Casino. Please note that your daily bonus game is not available during the night while logged in to the Shamrock Lock Casino.

The Shamrock Lock slot had a lot of fun playing and the high steps and loads of game time I spent with the lumbar spinae was beyond amazing.

That's why we suggest you play your Shamrock Lock Slot daily bonus game with your smartphone!


  • I was pleased to see that, after several failed attempts, I finally had my hands on the final product as the Shamrock Lock slot is released in Europe this week. Were really pleased with our Shamrock lock slot. The first time I saw the concept, and I was wearing the Shamrock Locker jacket, a few days laterwere back on the Reebok training camp in Las Vegas. The first time we played the Shamrock slot was the Shamrock Locker 2 in the Vegas Superfight of Boxing for three guys.After that we found it was the best slot that we have ever played.
  • This feature works in real-time with your smartphone camera via the Shamrock Lock widget. The free Shamrock Lock slot offers the best chance of earning double wild on all your reel spins, and this is a great way to try to get extra wild on your reel in the casino.
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