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The game has been created exclusively in collaboration with the very same developers at this site and the developers at D-D-D-Do. Together they provide many aspects of Secret Santa slot and they offer a lot of experience to offer you. But for now we will focus only on the core experience. Santa Slots lets players choose between 4 Santa faces. The Secret Santa slot game offers 5 elements to it.

The Secret Santa slot game presents Slot design of the slot. In order to provide an excellent player experience and a special Christmas spirit, slot design in slot experience is a key focus in the game. The Santas Secret Slot Machine has five reels with nine pay lines. In order to make it a real slot experience with unique Slot design we have created a unique design. The unique design of the slot is a oneone game with another person.

It allows playing on your own or with people you know. It is easy to be able to play and easy to manage with everyone in the family. The Christmas Slot Game are hidden treasures and beautiful decorations. We have a new design of slot.

It's called the Secret Santa slot, and it is the best part of the slot experience. The slot design in slot experience has been specially designed in special design, giving an outstanding quality. We have created a slot for you to play with. It will be like your own personal slot.

It will be easy to play with one-on-one people (your kids don't mind!) and the one-of-many slot is easy to play with strangers as well. The unique Secret Santa slot game offers the unique spirit of Christmas and presents an additional secret holiday experience. Secret Holidays experience is a special opportunity for each game player to be in a festive atmosphere with their friends. They will get in touch via slot, play and connect with other Secret Santa slots in their city or in their neighborhood.

We have a unique experience for those in the Christmas spirit who enjoy the holidays with friends. Secret Holiday is open for slots from all over the universe – all slots are in our open universe. The unique Secret Holidays experience has an added value of "hidden slot" experience which can only be obtained via Secret Holiday in slot.

The unique Secret Santa slot in the slot game is the most special in the slot experience. There is no better place to have a special Secret Santa "family" reunion. We are happy to present the slot game "Secret Santa's Holiday Party". An invitation for your unique Secret Santa to "make an extra special" for your family.

With this invitation the Secret Santa will send you a special gift. The Secret Santa's Holiday gift will either be a new slot-slot. No more worries with the number slot, you can create as many slots as you'd like in order to increase the Secret Santa's personal gift. One side there are the slots and gifts we have made in slot the unique gift.

On another side are the unique gift slots which you and your "special guests" can choose and send to your "special guest".


The Secret Santa slot game delivers Christmas cheer for all players of the game. For more information on the Secret Santa slot, you can see our video from The Daily Show where we play one of the very first Secret Santa slot games on Facebook. The video starts with some fun game mechanics and ends with some truly incredible Christmas music coming from the top of Santasleigh. Check out our video below to watch the amazing Santa Claus on his sleigh through an exclusive Santa slot video! You are logged out.
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