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That being said, you can buy enough tickets to get a payout and it is a nice, fun way to play video poker without spending a fortune. The games also have some pretty good bonuses including a 25% rakeback (if you hit a jackpot, up to 15% bonus from winning and even a 20% rakeback if you win more than 50,000. The Neon Jungle Theme contains some of the most interesting visual effects I have ever seen in a gaming title.

But if you don't mind spending money and want to try these, then Pearls of India is an amazing option, but you should only use it after you have taken some time to familiarize yourself with video poker. You can find my full review at Pearls of India: How to win at the Secret Jungle. Jungle Wild Slots comes as part of an interesting package. The Secret Jungle slot machine can be downloaded from the Windows 8 App store. It also works on Windows 10.

The Secret Jungle slot machine costs $8.99 or gets you a 1 hour trial.

Additional thoughts:

  • Learn more about the upcoming Secret Jungle slot! Find out when the slots will be available! Find out when iNetBet will be back hosting Secret Jungle slot events later tonight. Check out the details!

  • Press the button and watch the magic begin! This Secret Jungle slot game has not been rated by the ESRB. However we encourage you to keep an eye on the official website for any potential update announcements. What does the "Secret" in "Secret Jungle" mean? The original game was produced by Charles E. Dampier Co.

Discover something new!
Discover something new!

Try something new: Pai Gow is one of the most fun pastimes at the online casino. Losses are almost never big, bad runs are extremely rare and quick, reactive knowledge of poker is rewarded.

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