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What amazes us is the number and variety of rare cards. The ankh is really the "eye" of the slot machine. Legend of the Pharaohs Slot offers a lot of choices, both for the gameplay, and the artwork. I want to see the Ankh symbol inside the reels of Ramesses Riches.

Each time a character is struck, the "sketch" of those cards appears on screen for 30 seconds! The "sketch" shows the ankh's place on the reels. The Queen of the Pharaohs is located in Tahrir Square. It is so impressive and unique to see the ankh's place here.

Ramesses Riches is a fun, very unique and fun game for those old enough to remember Munchkin from the 80's. It's also a good game for younger kids to play.

The ankh is the "eye" of the slot machine. In the table below, let's take a look at the ankh symbol on the reels of the Ramesses Riches slot table game. The ankh symbol on the reels of the Ramesses Riches slot is the scatter.

New - Pharaoh Sun Slot Machine, 2 Sessions, Bonus

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The ankh is so unique to the slot machine that you will never have seen it anywhere else. It seems that this ankh will always be on the reels of the Ramesses Riches slot!

The ankh is such an iconic part of the slot machine that it can be found in the game's artwork. The game's image on the game board indicates all the ankhs on the table. These are shown at the bottom-right of the image. While I still enjoy the old-fashioned slots that Ramesses has made famous in his name, I have grown to enjoy new innovative slots like this one.

Ramesses Riches will have 10 pay lines that can be combined into a single play-through of a single game played with the Ramesses Riches casino game.

The Ramesses Riches slots are so good. These are just the beginning. The upcoming slot machines in Ramesses' name will bring a whole new level of excitement to gaming.


For each new game, each new piece of Egyptian treasure is added to Ramesses Riches and you'll receive a new bonus item! We'll share the details of Ramesses Riches with you in a couple of weeks.
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