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The Mermaid Jewels 2 is the most expensive version of the game which is priced at $40 USD. You don't have to worry about this slot being free at any point in the future though, just by playing Mermaid Jewels 2 you can get a one-time payment for the game and it will be used instead of any of the other game tiers available to you. Pink Panther Online also works a nice way better here and it has very decent graphics. The second Mermaid Jewels slot is also the most expensive, at $30 USD, but it is only offered on a limited basis and only one play session will be charged as part of a two-week subscription period - the second and third play sessions will not be counted as part of a second subscription period and you can play these as many times as you want. The third tier of the Mermaid Jewels slot is the Mermaid Jewel slots available only after playing Mermaid Jewels 2. These are offered upon the completion of the 3rd Mermaid Jewels slot which is $35 USD.

They cost in total $40 USD, while there is no subscription required and you can play this tier of game with as few as three other people as you like. The third slot is Mermaid Jewels 1 of the Mermaid Jewels slot and is $30 USD in terms of cost and comes with the option to install a full suite of accessories for all of the core components and more in the price range of the other 3 tiers of the slots available in the Mermaid Jewels slot. The Panda Chef Slot, a great 20 line, 5 reel video slot.

There's only one slot available with these accessories unlocked for your use and that's Mermaid Jewels 1 which is priced at $100 USD. The final tier of Mermaid Jewels slot can be unlocked by playing Mermaid Jewels 6 which costs $40 USD along with an additional bundle of game items for Mermaid Jewels 1. The Arctic Fortune Slot starts at 25 players. These game costs for Mermaid Jewels 6 are only available for one full-time playthrough so you can try it out before downloading the game for a limited time only. There's only two slots available that are not offered on any of the other three tiers and you won't be able to play any of the game tiers of the slot online.

Additional information:

  • As such, if you are familiar with Mermaid Jewels, you are in luck to find just as much value in this new clone as you would get from the games you previously played in the original slot machine. Just look out for our second review of the game in the near future. With no updated versions in our portfolio and no releases to date, you will never know what gems you will have found when you open your copy. This simply will not be the case with our new series, so if you are still after a slot machine and have a gem to spare try the Mermaid Jewels slot game.

    You won't need it anymore either, Skywind Group will be producing a new slot game in May 2012 which we will be providing a review of soon.

  • So if you're hoping for an experience unlike any other, do not be disappointed and enjoy the rest of these fun, silly, action-packed slot games from Skywind. So which one do you play on your next trip to Skywind Kingdom? Do you find Mermaid Jewels slot to be a fun thrill ride, or do you find it too hard to manage your money?

Try the very best in online slots experiences
Try the very best in online slots experiences

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