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The game was released almost a year ago in November 2014 as a new version of "Microcasino" from the previous software. In the game of Kitty Cabana, the owner of the hotel is the player. Cat Gangster Slot Machine gold casino slot online has always been a 50-line game which has cascading reels with multipliers. At the time of release, Kitty Cabana also had an optional in-game advertisement to attract new players. The game starts with the owner moving through a series of rooms.

The rooms have some features that allow the owner to play the game like casino style. As soon as the room is selected, a light starts flashing, which indicates to the player that this is an upcoming slot game. In this slot game, the rules are as follows. Miss Kitty Slot Machine has its own fans rules and features. Whenever the owner enters a room, the light on the slot goes into the red or blue colours and the game starts.

Kitty Cabana is one of their slot machine games

During the game, there are three different types of cards. Cards that are used in the game in terms of their effectiveness in playing the game. The Blackjack Cats Slot has no slots, no cash and not even a prize draw.

Cards for quick wins in the beginning and cards for long term victory in the middle. In the end of the game, the player receives one million credits (money) and an additional chance of receiving a bonus depending on the percentage of the win, the room, the total money in the room and the number of other players in the room. Free 100 Cats Slot the players can immerse themselves into the free theme winning prizes. The first player to receive a million credits wins the game. You can play the game on desktop, the mobile and tablet devices through the official website of microgaming as well as the app.

Kitty Cabana, which is similar to other Microgaming online slots games from previous versions, does not have any ads and the player does not need to purchase any extra slots to be able to play. The game is also mobile friendly. In other words – Kitty Cabana is a really good free microgaming online slots game that is available for free!

Additional thoughts:

  • The game was launched online a couple months ago and can be found here. So when will it be released on Steam? Well, not a lot has been announced yet, because a release seems a bit too far away, so for now, you can keep your fingers crossed.So there you have it, another microgaming casino that has been updated with another kind of online slots game from Microgaming. To play it, simply look forward to a game with an added kind of challenge: the chance of getting invited to Kitty Cabana after meeting its owners.
  • The app store for all the game is available on Game Genie and Google Play stores for Android. We're always interested to hear your feedback regarding the quality of your game. If you have a game you'd like to see, be sure to join us at the Microgaming meetup page here. We have a huge community that's ready to help us get it done!If you've been on the Microgaming mailing list for many months and want to contribute or have a story to share about the game, don't forget to check out our Devblog.
  • Kitty Cabana is an exciting toy to play with and explore online or by using your phone or tablet. It is a unique and fun online fun game with real cats that you can play with cats anywhere in the world.
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