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The first of its kind game offers an opportunity to play the newest and most innovative games available from the world of PC hardware, with the aim of raising your gaming profile and making your fellow gamers envy your skills. Enjoy the adventure of Jungle Jackpots slot with a huge selection and endless possibilities. Neon Jungle Slot is set high tops with weird looks and weird console crazy adventures which are full of life once again.

The Jungle Jackpots Slot machine is a simple game for all ages and allows you to win money through a series of simple, yet challenging games.

The Jungle Jackpots slot will host its first tournament on Tuesday 7th September, 2015. This will see you battle it out for a chance to win your dream prize. The Super Jungle Wild Slot Machine is easy to play since it is designed so that everything appears right at the bottom line. Check out the full schedule below, and you'll be able to play Jungle Jackpots slots on any day from Thursday to Sunday.

Duel the jackpot starts at 3 PM EDT, and will run continuously throughout the following week. So make sure to get your team together early.

So what are you waiting for? Go to your local nearest casino, and play the Jumbo. Jungle Jackpots slot is available to buy online for 25 Euro per player.

To buy a card online, just visit the official site and click on this link. If you fancy an official game with your Jungle Jackpots slot, you can download the official Jungle Jackpots Casino card with your ticket and make up your mind online or offline.

Additional information:

  • Every season can be a completely different experience without having to worry about getting the right card just yet in order to win. One thing the Jungle Jackpots games give you is not only a way to score huge amounts of money, but also an almost guarantee of winning some very cool and unique cards!This card game will really help fill the Jungle Jackpot coffers of your mind. The 1st Bonus Slot: The bonus slots in the year 2017 include 4 different monsters (1 of which can be unlocked for free at the same time every year, each with different stats and an impact on your winnings.
  • Jungle Jackpots Slot Game will launch in early June. I won't go into it more than now because there have been reports of a long delay of this new Jungle Jackpot Game, however, we are confident that Blueprints will soon announce another exciting new title based on this new title.
  • When you sign up, be sure to include on your login page your preferred Jungle Jackpots, to learn more about their development and creation process. Check out some of Jungle Jackpots gaming's most memorable Jungle Jackpots and games to get a full inside look at them to see what is next.
Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions!
Exclusive Bonuses & Promotions!

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