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Betsoft is the largest online slot developer in Malta and the Malta online gambling market is on a solid growth path according to this industry expert, Tom Wills. The House of Fun slots game consists of 2 categories – House of Fun machines or 'fun game' to play and House of Fun slots 'slots'. These 2 kinds of House of Fun slot are created by the same software developer, Betsoft. Action Money Slot is found in some of the more popular EGT casino slots. This software develops various types of online game.

The House of Fun slot machine is owned by BitFam and is available for play using an online slot machine based on his own play time.

House of Fun slots is a top tier game amongst Malta Online Gaming Industry. The game of House of Fun slot machines also attracts several international casinos and online casino players. Fun House Casino Games has been around for some time now but was officially released on February 20th of 2016. You can play House of Fun slots at your favourite casino and play with unlimited funds.

House of Fun slots uses a 20 line format

There are also different House of Fun slot machines in the market with different prize values. They have a set number of funds on each machine and each house of fun slot machine has different prizes available in it. Fun House Casino Games are free at all of the most popular online casinos. House of Fun Casino also offers house of fun slots. That means they only offer a certain number of House of Fun slots and this feature attracts big players who play these House of Funcasinos.

It doesn't matter which house of fun slot machine you play in to win, House of Fun slots are all equal value. The prize that you receive on each house of fun slot machine determines its value in terms of points. In total there are 3 categories of prizes: cash, prizes and house of fun slots.

Play time takes 2-5 minutes and a free game is available. There are 8 different levels of value. The top prize is 1000 coins while the lower prizes are 200 000 coins and the average value is 500 000 coins.

House of Fun Slots Casino stands for House of Fun

The House of Fun slots is not only popular with casinos but players can also play here to win some real money in Malta Online Casino. These premium House of Fun casino games attract a lot of gamers. If someone is more interested in making big online gambling money than earning prizes. He will easily make his fortune at House of Fun Casino online slots game.

House of Fun slots online gambling games are in Malta market, the only high quality online casino games.


  • The new series of House of Fun slot machines has a total of 14 slots and offers five different types of game of House of Fun (or House of Fun+ which adds 12 more!). The games include The House of Fun, House of Fun+ and Casino; games are set by the player with the possibility to set rules through the use of cards in-game and cards in-house that can be earned through games.
  • The players will earn 50 House of Fun coins (15,100 mn) for every 1000 registered users of House of Fun slot. The top eight slots with most of their coins can receive a free House of Fun slot machine (40,000 mn) and the top two slots with 99% of their coins can receive a House of Fun slot machine (60,000 mn, with players able to receive up to seven houses in different House of Fun slots by playing up to 8 combinations.
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For quality slots, blackjack and other great games

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