Highlander Slot Machine

Highlander Slot Machine

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The game has four different slots at each end of the hall that change the way you play the game based on the time of night, the game time, and the game type in each slot. All of these slots have some unique ways to get big win on every rotation. Slot 1’ Free Highlander slot and the first slot in the hall. Journey to the Gold Slot Machine was very quiet this morning. Slot 2/3 ’ Slot 2 (3 slots) is a special slot that provides one free win at the end of a game.

Slot 2 ’ Slot 3 (5 slots) is the best slot to get big wins on if you don't want to use the RTP, for example if you don't want to use it before a RTP and it's your night you want to play a good game and that's the best time for the game. Slot 6 ’ Slot 6 offers the biggest rewards in total, which is the only option you have for winning double and triple prizes. The Slots of Fortune Casino are currently in action, please wait for the next event on May 8th, 2017! CasinoGamesOnNet’s Highlander slot features over 90,000 possible combinations so it has lots of options, it's a nice way to get bigger win in free slots, but be warned, if you don't get lucky enough to win anything you'll always be left with nothing. It also has different icons and colors based on the game type in those slots, so you can easily identify the win, not being able to identify the win in those slots is another reason you should get that free Highlander slot, because it may give you an easy way to unlock more prizes.


In addition the developers have released a great update for the original slot game, The original Highlander slot is back with more achievements added! The original slot has been upgraded with some fantastic new features, the new expansion is the Highlander slots in the new game that was released at the same time. In addition to the new features of the classic slot with the best cards and expansions of the classic slot games, there are also some new improvements for the new version, as well as several bugs fixes. For a free digital access to the game download from iTunes, click here, or click here to get it on Android.
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