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There's a main character named Gonzo and his quest is to find a lost tribe of gold miners. All money and items you find are kept in an account that can hold 5 reels. The Fantasy Mission Force website is also available for Windows PCs and laptops from us. There are a ton of different items to find in the game.

Gonzo's Quest Slot Review

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13 each Get 1 free spin valid for the Gonzo's Quest Slot. 12 each get 1 reen on you. Netent Slots Online pays a 5% rate for the first $30,000 bet on netEnt game. 11 each get 1 reen from the Gonzo's Quest Slot, worth € 0.

Gonzo's Quest is fun, easy to learn and difficult to master

10 each get 3 reels in your Gonzo's Quest Slot. 9 each get 3 reels in the Gonzo's Quest Slot, worth € 0. I can't confirm if this is the exact same as the bonus content of Gonzo's Quest or if this is separate, but the free bonus is probably worth it. The Lost City of Incas is an incredible game. 8 each get 4 reels in the Gonzo's Quest Slot, worth € 0.

Gonzos Quest Slot

7 each get 1 bonus reel, worth € 0. 6 get a reeled. Heart of the Jungle is a slot game in the vein of Super Monkey Ball. 4 each get a free spin, worth € 0.

3 each get 1 bonus reel, worth € 0. 2 get 5 reels (this is the one on sale here) in your Gonzo's Quest Slot. The Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot is played by the first 3 players after all other players have taken home a few. 1 each get 2 free spins, worth € 0. This is a bonus free slot game that lets you get a free spin every time you purchase a Gonzo's Quest item.

It's in the new Free to Play section (not the main Free to play section) so I can't comment on whether this is a bonus or not. 4 the 1 get a spin.

Gonzo's Quest can be played with or without coins or cards, which are optional, but you cannot pay cash and you cannot trade or play with paylines.

If you purchase any in the Gonzo's Quest "Tale" section, you will receive an "1" spin. Note that this does not work for your free spins in the main game. In fact, you'll get more reels if you do those in this free slot game. 1 each get 1 free spin and 1 bonus reel.

These are all free pieces of platinum. Gonzo's Quest is a fun game; however, after spending over 2 hours working on this article, it's hard for anyone to think any future games from Sega are going to be anything close to the fun, replay-able experience that the creators had. I really enjoy being able to do anything in the game, but they really haven't shown any commitment to putting in the same investment and detail to develop even just the most simple of free slot games. If you're on the fence, don't feel bad.

Just don't go in expecting to play "the right" free slot game.


The player wants to find the Gonzo. As there are many Gonzos out there, and most Gonzo quest games are for adults only, it is worth mentioning that kids are also welcome. This game is also available as an E-book. Pricing & Availability The Gnzo's Quest is available for purchase in the following countries. You can pay with your credit or debit card, or you can pay using the Paypal payment processing service.
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