Gold Bricks Slot Machine

Gold Bricks Slot Machine

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Gold Bricks slot is very interesting because it is not that common a slot that contains coins, but instead has a combination of gold and candy bar. This unique design is used in various versions of the machine and it could just be that the gold bar symbols are used to denote a rare item when combined with gold and candy bars. The Opera night slot is an action packed slot machine that rewards you when you play. On the back side of Gold Bricks slot you can see a jackpot icon and a number of different symbols or letters. The back side of Gold Bricks slot is an interesting thing due to its simplicity.

Stack of Gold Incredible Win Slot Machine Bonus

Stack of Gold Incredible Win Slot Machine Bonus

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The back side is one-third smaller than the front side. So the back side of Gold Bricks slot uses only 3-3/4ths of the space on the front side. The 5 Reel Circus coin jackpot is then won and players are in with the pot. This is why the machine can be used as a one-third full machine and not as a second machine like all other machines. Another feature of Gold Bricks slot machine is it can be used with the coin slot.

The Gold Bricks slot is a 3 reel and 3 payline game that looks a little like a boardgame but plays a lot like poker.

It is rare to find in slot machines where the coins slot is used while the coin slot is not used at all. It can be a handy feature to give more money to a customer by allowing them to play with a larger coin number. So what does the price of Gold Bricks slot machine from Playtech look like? Five Reel Bingo Slot Game also offers the option of using a multiplier if it can be used to generate double spend. It is available on eBay for $150, but it could be yours at any time.


Get a peek at our extensive selection of premium gold bricks, or try the Deluxe Gold Bricks. There are two separate games in the Gold Bricks slot and you have two choices: Gold Bricks and Gold Brick.
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