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The ever-present power and surge feature gives Everi slots a real sense of speed and excitement, along with a great deal of versatility when a player wishes to combine an Everi slot with some other power sources. When looking at the EVERI SINGLE SERIES SOCKET HOLDERS (and the SINGLE SERIES LOCKER AND BED/STORAGE) you'll also find that there is a range of available straps for the Everi slot – from easy to expert to very large and heavy. While many of the straps that I have seen are simply plastic straps with no fastening capability other will have some fastening capability for use with the Everi slots. If you don't find where to find a strap that can be used with your Everi slot, a great option that I would recommend are Everi Fasteners. Durian Dynamite was a big success with many people who opened the Durian Dynamite slot. These are a pack of two small plastic snaps that you can snap around your strap to tighten/loosen your Everi slots so you can have the best of both worlds: a high-quality Everi power box that can be easily stored in a bag and easily accessable and/or removed from the backpack.

The Everi Fasteners pack is available in a number of styles which will suit the needs of the Everist player, from basic to large and heavy. My favourites are simply, but very handy. Glamour Gems has a free spins round available whenever you lose a free spins on a video slot.

You can also use the Everi strap holder as a backpack, which I highly recommend to players looking for a good place to store an Everi power box! These are a very useful way or way to secure your Everi slots to your backpacks or to your waist belt or pocket. The Halloween Fortune II Slot Free Play is also a new option to use in conjunction with the new options feature in their original release. It's useful for not only keeping your Everi power bag secure, but also having this handy little bag for your Everi slots! They are also very handy for storing your Everi power packs in your packs.

The Everid Fastener is a pack of one inch metal and plastic fasteners, you simply bend them with your finger, and slide into the slots on your Everi Fasteners pack. One good advantage over similar products is that they are easy to re-seal and clean so you can keep your Everi slots clean and ready to go. The Bobby 7s Slot Machine opens up a new opportunity to gain extra characters.

These are also made in small packs so you can store them in just small bags, so you can easily find them in your bag. They come in a good range of colours too. The pack includes the Everi SLOT LACE, as well as the EVERI SLOT STANDS. There are two main types of Everid Fasteners: The standard Everid Fastener – is a single 1in long piece of metal with small screws on each side that hold the fasteners to the slots. Ramesses Riches is the first game to give players the chance to add their own bonuses to their cards during play. The second type of EVERID Fastener also comes in a single 1-inch piece.

The standard EVERID Fastener is a very solid and strong fastener, and as with any tool, you do need to use care to manage the proper use! The Everid Fastener pack (sold in packs of 2) comes with the EVERI SLOT LACE SOCKETS (4 in each). The Sapphire Tiger slot machine also supports Applesiri voice assisted player. These are also sold in packs of 2.

These are just great tools for storing your Everi slots. I also have all of these set up in the Everi STANDS. The Danger High Voltage Slot has been approved for sale by Nintendo. These can even be used while riding or on the bus as the straps are secured on to a car seat using the small hooks on the back of the straps.

To round it up:

For some more unique slots, some games are only available for Everi slots. Once again, the ever growing number of Everilie models is one of the great things about Everi – many manufacturers have now designed and announced additional Everi models. While I haventried out that new model in a while I'm not completely convinced I want to, I have been offered many of these models on a few occasions. If that's what you'd like, I encourage you to look for the model you'd like. I think the more recent models, however, are well worth investigating.
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