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Unlike other recent slot games, where the first-ever free jackpot wins all players, Dragon Chase allows the first-ever players to participate in the contest at their leisure. For those not familiar with Chinese slot or gaming tables, dragons are magical creatures that are thought to have magical properties and often exist in mythological locations all across the world. Quickspin Slots List also has several slots that are exclusive to them. They may appear in images, be seen in legends, or even be seen by many to be one of the seven dragon beasts of old. Dragon Chase has no prize structure—all profits will go directly back to the casino—as this is a contest in which the last to beat the game wins the winnings.

Dragon Chase is a progressive slot game that lets players win first or third place prize while playing on the classic card pool. The most popular card pool is that of Modern and Legacy. Quickspin will release Dragon Chase at a price of US$5. The Jewel Blast Slot Machine is a small box that is quite handy to fill up and play. 95 for the classic card pool and US$4. 95 for Modern and Legacy, with the latter available only through the Quickspin VIP program. Dragon Chase is currently available on Windows and Mac; Windows and Mac users with a subscription to the VIP program will receive free two month subscription to use Dragon Chase on their machines at all Quickspin's digital slot machines.

Dragon Chase from Blueprint Gaming also offers up the same engine with respins and free spins – this slot has a maximum of 34 free spins.

If Dragon Chase would appear at any QSR online event for QSR 24, 2013, no questions will be asked of guests participating in the first-ever progressive slots jackpot game run by Quickspin's dedicated gamers. For tickets to Dragon Chase, visit Quickspin VIP. Durian Dynamite was a big success with many people who opened the Durian Dynamite Slot. The Quickspin Online Gaming Show will be held August 10th, at 9:30 am local time at the RCA Coliseum in Las Vegas as part of an 8 Day VIP Experience Event.

The Quickspin Online Gaming Show has been a key part of Quickspin's community growing its brand and community and is one of the largest gaming events in the United States. Based in California's Napa Valley and Las Vegas, the QSR Online Gaming Show is one of the largest and most successful event series in the country, drawing a record crowd of over 400,000 people each year that includes gamers from all corners of the globe to compete in video card games and tabletop games of all formats. Royal Frog's current value is £4.60, which is a huge deal! The annual Quickspin Online Gaming Show has become one of the premier gathering spots for players of all ages and skill levels to watch and enjoy gaming events. The QSR Online Gaming Show will take place August 10-14, 2013 at the RCA Coliseum in Vegas as a part of an 8 Day VIP Experience Event.

Dragon Chase is a highly enjoyable and rewarding online slot

Tickets will be available for purchase at the QSR Online Gaming Show Booth located in the Fan Appreciation tent, near the Grand entrance of the venue from August 1st - 15th. Details about the schedule for the QSR Online Gaming Show can be found here. Quickspin. com QSR 24 is the premier event of its kind in the United States. Aztec Treasure features twenty-five adjustable pay lines and you can adjust your bets at any time by using the up and down arrows. It brings together gamers, event organizers, talent, and investors from industry leading, multi-million dollar companies and provides fans with a unique opportunity to experience an exclusive event featuring gaming, technology and industry leaders.

Quickspin Jackpot - Dragon Chase Trailer

Quickspin Jackpot - Dragon Chase Trailer

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More than 100 gaming conventions from six continents and more than 4,000 live events take place over five days, leading in-depth, hands-on sessions with industry leaders in gaming development, industry content, innovation and technology, consumer insights. The event is organized by QSR, which is an association of game publishers, developers and distributors.


  • This is the first release from The Quickspin Group which is known for its games, technology and services for the global gambling industry. The Quickspin Group owns the Dragon Chase Casino franchise on the official website, and offers it at popular slot gaming venues in Asia. From Dragon Chase, Quickspin offers a wide selection of cards with multiple play modes.

    The gaming interface is user friendly and easy to use. The Quickspin games are currently available at Quickspin.com, and the Quickspin casino in New Orleans from Quickspin.com which allows gambling in the US and the Philippines.

  • Quickspin is a subsidiary of Las Vegas-based online casino company Blackrock that specializes in online casino games. With a $400 million in daily online slot wagering revenue, Quickspin is also the largest casino in the world by daily wagering revenue. Dragon Chase has already created over $400 million in weekly slot jackpots in its first 24 hours with an impressive win of $865,000.

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  • The system uses a system that allows fans to stream games from their phones and computers. Fans can play only games for a fixed period of time, up to 30 days after leaving play. Quickspin will be available to those who buy a Dragon Chase ticket in the United States for a minimum price of $199. Follow the video from the top of the page to see all the Quickspin news.

  • So if you want to play Dragon Chase, look no further than the Dragon Chase screen at the top of the site. If you're planning to use the Dragon Chase slot on your tablet, think twice before investing any time in upgrading to the PC version. It'll require much more experience in the PC version, and we're not sure that's any worse than running a Mac OS 10.5.1. The price will go up as you use the Dragon Chase slots, but we do plan to charge a premium for this slot.

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