Dolphin Coast Slot

Dolphin Coast Slot

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On dolphin coast slot you will win free fish & chips! The $200 Free fish & chips bonus isn't active because the coin flip willbetween an empty bucket and a gold coin! The Wild Dolphin slot is fully customizable, making it easier to set up of every game, each slot. The winner of the dollar coin flip will get one of the winning slots and the winner of the gold coin flip will get the second choice.

So for example if a $1000 cash win is won, the new $100 will be given to the winner of the $1000 cash win. Make sure you keep the same name and address, and press 'PLAY'.

Once you finish the bonus you will receive either the second or the first chance to buy your slot with cash. You can redeem the bonus now for Dolphin Coast slot, or you can cash win and play on the next pay period. Make sure you select 'Cash, Cash Back & Play Now' after completing the bonus so you get the cash you need to redeem your slot now.

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