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It can also be used as a standalone slot using the same rules. This gives you some flexibility when it comes to how you use this slot. Dinosaurs are the centerpiece of the game and we know a lot of you were excited about the possibilities of video slots back when you saw Merkur Gaming offer Dinosaur Kingdom at their pre-production event. Book of Pyramids Slot provides free resources and tips related to Egyptian history. If you purchase Dinosaurs 4x2 from Tilt and you would like additional copies of the Dinosaur Kingdom cards than can be used in games of the game - just send us an e-mail and we will send you a pledge.

Dinosaur Kingdom will be available to any level of $100 by October 30, if you want to buy it you will earn a free Elite Edition!

In the FAQs we list all the games you can add Dinosaurs to as well as the number of Dinosaurs that can fit in that game. As you can see from the image above we have about 60 Dinosaurs in this bundle. The Fruit Slider also has other features that should be familiar to video slot machine gamers. If you would rather receive another set of cards, that is your choice though.

Dinosaur Kingdom

We will be selling those sets soon but until then you'll want to grab the Dinosaur Kingdom for yourself to start your collection early. You can read more about Dinosaur Kingdom in this recent preview. Merkur Casino Online casino are the next step of online gaming. Please remember that as we move our production to Asia we will be running a special promotion for our international customers. If you have been in touch with customer relations and are wondering what that means, click this button on our home page.

We are already shipping some orders out to our loyal international customer base, but now you can buy Dinosaur Kingdom and other bundles from our site directly to save! We really appreciate all the support we have received and it is a great way to support us while we continue to work on more awesome Dinosaur Game Slot products.

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