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It's only fitting that Dice On Fire's reel would lead down one of the many paths that are available to players who want to discover additional tricks up their sleeve in exchange for more powerful reels. Dice on Fire has always been a slot machine for players that wants to get creative, something that always helped it stand out in the slot game market today. Hammer 2 by Seat Casino is also a free prize! While many slot machines have gotten in on the dice game action and made it more competitive (including several slot machines such as DICEslot simulator, Dice on Fire is probably the first slot machine to do so in a way that has never been replicated before, and in a different way altogether. It's also a game that really puts Dice on Fire behind its own bar.

Dice On Fire on mobile offers an intriguing twist on classic slots with a unique twist, which is that every time a player flips the dice, they automatically spin it. When I first tried out Dice on Fire there was a large part of me hoping that what was left of me was not getting the extra reels and dice in return for getting to spin the reels again. Fireball slot machine has multiple games to choose from. In short, what Dice on Fire does is offer players a chance to reroll their reels (and the ones before/after them, and the player having the most reels and reels is the winner. There's a slight element of the flip mechanic in the Dice on Fire's reels that can be frustrating and annoying at times, especially when it can become difficult for the player to control their reaction.

Sometimes we have to take the time to determine who is the one who has got the wheel in the roll and then figure out how to get it back down to the beginning of the deck once the wheel has come back. Dice on Fire makes that adjustment easier to navigate, allowing players to play quickly without having to worry about that pesky problem. The Queen of the Nile is very popular.

I have actually played a bit of Dice On Fire in previous slotgames because I was a bit confused by this and so decided it might not be for me, but Dice on Fire on mobile is a game that is much easier to learn and enjoy than I expected. It also helps that the reels are extremely customizable, something that has never been a thing in slots like this before. The Mayan Goddess Slot also really makes your deck look a lot more green. You can pick any combination of the seven reels in the deck and play them at the same time, so long as you have a little bit of extra space.

Dice On Fire has added an additional spin round, which is a chance to swap out all the other cards if they aren't used in your turn!

You can also rotate a portion of the dice at any time if you want to make them match your style of play, such as creating some unique spin moves to help keep players on their toes, or adding your own spins and variations on what you've seen a lot already. Dice on Fire is a game that is not going to let you down once you get playing, as it does a great job of letting players have fun and challenge themselves to reach their individual creative spin on the game. Dice on Fire also comes packed with the Dice On Fire Dice Bag, a great gift that keeps your Dice On Fire handy. Dice on Fire is an exciting new addition to the game, and one that players will certainly want to try out. It has definitely made this market an exciting one with its retro looking design, great controls, and fun spins.

I'll certainly be taking Dice on Fire on my next triptown, and am happy to recommend Dice On Fire for all those who wish to explore a side of slot gaming I couldn't see without the game.


  • The game has a very straightforward play, and many of you will be surprised at how much easier it is to buy and play Dice On Fire on the PS3, DVD and Xbox 360. Once you buy the game, your only challenge is to successfully use the ability to draw any number of dice at one time (if you play the game on its own, you will probably get a bad case of d'Arts when you do this - check here for the details). The main difference is that players lose their d'Arts after the first two d'Arts are printed, which means there is no guarantee the player is going to draw two dice, once the second dice are printed. To use it just put in the code that you want to add, after each roll, as a new variable in your game.

    I always make sure you read the rules carefully here to make sure whatever you use won't have been converted back to random.

  • But that is all just as easily overlooked with a quick glance to Dice On Fire! With a total of six sets of six reels and each having an assortment of five symbols across each, Octane Dice on Fire is certainly very similar to many other reels available in the marketplace and one should definitely check it out if you find yourself with a fondness for retro slots and retro reels.

Where Las Vegas Begins: Gaming from home
Where Las Vegas Begins: Gaming from home

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