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Bouncy Balls can give you special chances. The bigger the Bouncy Balls slot value, the better the chances are that you get it. There are 4 special types of Bouncy Balls, 3 unique to the Bouncy Balls slot game, one not at all unique and one that will only be present if you win at most 3 Bouncy Balls consecutively. Rocky Redemption Slot Machine games run 24/7, so the machines are always filled with players waiting patiently. The 4 unique types all come with a different reward.

This kind of Bouncy Balls rewards a lucky 1. The Bouncy Balls slot value is a coin value of 1, and you get a chance at obtaining it if you win the "Big Bounce" slot game. 1x for 2 Bouncy Balls. This is the kind where the Bouncy Balls are randomly distributed. 1x for 1 Bouncy Balls. A Bouncy Balls slot value of 1, and you can buy 2 for 2 Bouncy Balls consecutively; 1x for 1 Ball or 1x for 1 Lucky Ball. Iron Man 2 Slot Machine is one of Playtech's best productions. This is a special chance. 1x for 1 Bouncy Balls.

The next type of Bouncy Balls is guaranteed to have a number from 1-8 in your reward. These are only rare in a small subset of the Bouncy Balls players. The Biggest Online Slot Jackpots Progressive is present on Slot Fruity, where you keep getting jackpots with every bet. The lucky Bouncy Balls are only found in a small pool of players, the best at winning over 100 Bouncy Balls consecutively.

So it is no surprise that the chance of getting a lucky Bouncy Ball is very small. However, in the "Bouncy Balls Special" special reward, they will only be rare if you don't win at least 3 Bouncy Balls consecutively. MegaJackpots Golden Goddess Mega Jackpots slot is the refreshing local progressive jackpot contributed by IGT. These last slot categories might sound weird, but that's just because they are pretty random but they give you a certain bonus of 1 x for 3 Bouncy Box consecutively. The second, second and third level of the Bouncy Balls rewards is really good, because there are quite a few of them that give you rare rewards and rare rewards are a little more rare.

The odds in the third level are very nice, with 1 chance of getting 50,000 Bouncy Cards per slot. That is worth 200,000 in the Bouncy Balls slot game, with odds of 7.5x if you lose all 3 Bouncy Balls consecutively, at 1 in a million.

Finally the next slot category is very, very nice for the Bouncy Balls slot game, because it always gives you the most of the Bouncy Box rewards of each slot. If you won 4 slots consecutively with 1 special type of Bouncy Box. You get 2x for 5 Bouncy Box, 2x for 3 Bouncy Box, 2x for 2 Bouncy Box and 1.5x.

Now the third, fourth and final level of Bouncy Balls is actually the worst of the bunch. The odds don't go way up, but you almost can't lose any more Bouncy Balls consecutively if you're unlucky. The only thing you can lose is 1 x for 0, because the odds that you'll lose a lucky Bouncy Ball are about 300 million in an average player.

To round it up:

If you do not have a bingo site to play, but you choose a slot and a bingo site and you get a jackpot of £0.05 for just the fixed-bet you will be rewarded with 500 points. Once again the only restrictions with this game is that you must not be logged in to a Bingo site during the week to allow for the game to be played. Bouncy Balls Slots is a quick one to get in - if you are in Real Play Mode and are given the option to play then by all means do that. You will know if you've played if the bar and red buttons have lit up as you've already won with your initial bet - simply press this button to continue - if this doesn't happen you may as well play Bouncy Balls Slots in Real Play mode as it is very short lived. You don't have to play through the whole game in real play mode, you can simply select to play and see how your final bet affects your score.

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