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88 Dragon Slot Machine

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There are quite a series of Asian jackpots to choose from at the 88 Dragon machine, most of them featuring Chinese. There were a few special offers but most were priced fairly low at the time and were given out by local Chinese stores. However, these offer only a small portion of the regular prize pools. Dragon Egg Slot games for real money are easy to play. At any rate, if there are any Chinese winners at 88 Dragon that you're not interested in, you’re probably in for an unsatisfying surprise!

As you can see in the image below, the 88 Dragon machine contains three Chinese prizes which you must unlock first to participate in this prize pool. The most promising of them in my opinion is the $6,000, a two-sided Chinese paper-game featuring five characters, each of which has a Chinese name, meaning "Dragon Spirit". Rise of Anubis Slot is a great video slot because you are actually getting rewarded for every little spade that you collect! This giveaway goes to the character Ailous who is the only character which offers the most money and has been selected to win this "Dragon Spirit".

That last one is the winner of the 8-bit Super Mario 64 slot machine, with $4,050, a 10-bit Super Mario Galaxy slot machine, which offers three new characters: the King of Fighters series, and the "Dragon" (Japanese name for "Dragon"). The Dragon machine itself can be unlocked and is a bit tricky to obtain since you're only allowed one of a number of unique and special characters per slot. However, you can always win four separate prizes to unlock this "Dragon" in game! Wild Dragon Game is a full length adventure. And, as you can see, it features more Chinese characters than usual with four different types of Chinese characters in each player's game!

When you pick up the 88 Dragon prize, you must earn up to a million Chinese pounds to enter. The base prize amount is $10 as this is a "Japanese-themed" jackpot. Dragon Spin 2.2 was also released in Japan on the Virtual Console, which had an actual version date in 2005.

You can pick up these prizes after completing the game. The 88 Dragon slot machine also contains some cool prizes which are available at the 89 Dragon machine. It is safe to say that you'll never see these same 8-bit slots in more competitive games. The Mammoth Chase Slot review is now up, what is it you ask? For some reason, all Asian slots machines can only sell Japanese paper-games that do, say, Mario Kart for a Japanese title - which is one of the few games that allows you to win this very Japanese paper game on your first play session.

88 Dragon Slot Machine

You will also need to buy the 88 Dragon slot machine separately from the $6,000 of Super Mario 64. On the other hand, you also have the chance to win these prizes in-game for free on the 89 Dragon machine. The 88 Wild Dragon slot machine offers a great deal of cash prizes and offers lots of free deals in the regular game market. These prizes are also given out by random local exchanges, with the highest prices listed from Chinese stores. You cannot only enter the 88 Dragon machine for free, however. While it is no secret that there is no other paper game, there are still many more games based on a popular franchise to come.

One of these, Japan, was a hit with fans just a few years ago and is sure to remain a huge hit with gamers coming from across the world to try its out for themselves. So, get ready to get excited and participate in our 88 Dragon slot review and we hope you'll consider participating in the 88 Dragon machine as well! Thank you for reading our 89 Dragon slot review!

Don't forget, you can join the next thread, this one for all the exciting entries you'll get! Here is our full review and post the final word about the 88 Dragon machine and the games you have been participating in.


It is the same story with the 89 Dragon slot machine. If you’re interested in picking up many exciting Chinese themed slots, you’ll want to review our 88 Dragon slot review. You'll find one on this page if you’re in the market for Asian slot machines and you’ll want to visit our Asian slot machines page to see all the slots for sale here. There are many types of Asian themed slot machines, in fact there are lots of games in both sides of the market, so you’ll probably be interested in reading some of the guides on our Asian American and Asian slots page to learn more about each slot and to know how it will affect you, your earnings and your bankroll if you are interested in buying Asian themed casino games.
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